Appeals & Reviews

Most immigration decisions can be challenged by an administrative review (asking the Home Office to reconsider their decision) and / or by appealing to the First-Tier (Asylum and Immigration) Tribunal, where a Judge will make a decision on your case. If you have not been given a right of appeal you may still be able to challenge the decision by making an application to the High Court, this is called a Judicial Review.

If your case has been refused by the Judge at the first-Tier Tribunal we may be able to help you challenge this decision by making an application to the Upper (Asylum and Immigration) Tribunal if we believe that the Judge made an error in law (made a mistake in applying the law).

There are varying deadlines to challenge a decision of the home office or a decision of the Tribunal, therefore it is important to get legal advice as soon as you receive your decision. If you are outside of the deadline we may be able to help you make an out of time application explaining the reasons for the delay.

If you proceed with an Administrative review there are usually Home Office fees which vary depending on the decision you are challenging. If you appeal to the Tribunal there will be also be Tribunal fees unless you fall within the exemptions such as in receipt of public funds.

When instructed we will look at your case in detail and will advice you as to the best course of action, sometimes it may be better to make a new application addressing the reasons for the refusal rather than proceeding with an appeal or administrative review. We will also give you clear and honest advice on the prospects of success therefore allowing you make a decision as to whether or not to proceed.

Seren Legal Practice offers a full Immigration service which includes advocacy. Both Stephanie Alban and Alex Coyte routinely advocate at the First-Tier and Upper (Asylum and Immigration) tribunal. Stephanie has over 10 years experience advocating a wide range of appeals including asylum, deportation, bail, and Article 8 ECHR, both Stephanie and Alex have an impressive success rate reflecting their passionate and legally sound submissions. We also work closely with leading barristers should you wish to instruct them for your hearing.

If you instruct Seren Legal Practice you will have piece of mind that your appeal or administrate review will have the best possible chance of success and will be handled throughout by one of our qualified experienced directors.

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